Hunter Park Launches Capital Campaign


The Board of Directors of Hunter Park have recently completed a new strategic plan that calls for the expansion of community activities beyond those currently offered at Riley Rink and the adjacent athletic fields. Expanding the offerings of sports, fitness and entertainment for families is crucial to fulfilling the vision of those who worked so hard to make Riley Rink and Hunter Park a reality almost two decades ago.


A Vision for Hunter Park:

- Three New Athletic Fields

- Trade Shows, Weddings, Community Events

- Youth Tournaments focused on the greater New England Region

- Local Youth Athletic Programs

- Expanded Parking

- Boost Tourism to Support ALL Local Businesses

In 2012, Hunter Park is pleased to present a new outdoor events venue, Hunter Park Fairgrounds, to host trade shows, weddings and other corporate and private functions. This five acre field adjacent to Riley Rink will have access to power and have parking that will accommodate the largest of events. We are excited to present our plans for Phase III: development of Hunter Park, the athletics fields. Hunter Park is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to be a premier facility providing excellence in sports, recreation and cultural activities in a safe, wholesome environment for all.

Why Give?

Riley Rink has successfully provided many activities to the Manchester area since 1997, for community members ranging in age from two years old through ninety. We now have the opportunity to make Riley Rink and Hunter Park an even more valuable resource.

The development of event and athletic fields at Hunter Park will bring additional opportunities to generate revenue from regional events to support the cost of running the rink. These events will bring additional commerce to the area in the form of restaurant, hotel and local shop usage by participants and spectators. The improvement of Hunter Park will also provide a wonderful opportunity to support our local sports teams and provide additional cultural activities for our region.